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October, 1th 2015

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* Agenda

5th International Congress «ERA-GLONASS»:
«Modern Technologies for Safety and Comfort on Roads»

1 October 2015, Moscow, WTC, Entrance 4, Congress Hall

08:30–09:50 Attendee Registration
Plenary Session:
«ERA-GLONASS» – New Stage of the Project Development»

Alexander Gurko, President, NP «GLONASS»

Welcome address to attendees of the Congress:
Dmitry Rogozin, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Government
Igor Levitin, Aide of the Russian President

«Using Navigation Technologies in Motor Transport»
Alexei Tsydenov, Deputy Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation

«About Prospects of the Interaction of SAIS ERA-GLONASS and the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation»
Elena Boiko, Director of the IT & Communication Department of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation

Sergei Vlasov, Head of the IT & Communication Department,The Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters

«ERA-GLONASS» - a Driver of the Development and Use of Navigation Technologies for the Interests of State and Municipal Bodies»
Andrei Nedosekov, CEO, JSC «GLONASS»

«Forming an Ecosystem of Operators and Service Providers around «ERA-GLONASS»
Alexander Gurko, President, NP «GLONASS»

Welcome address to attendees of the Congress:
Zhyrgalbek Azylov, Head of the Eurosain Economic Commission Secretariate
Armen Gevorkyan, Deputy Minister of Finance, Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Armenia

«Russia-China Cooperation in the Fiels of Applying In-Transport Technologies»
Kevin Lea, Assistant to General Secretory, Coordinator of the Group on Interaction with Russia, TIAA
11:30–11:50 Coffee Break
Plenary Session:
«Navigation and Information Services in Each Car»

Alexander Gurko, President NP «GLONASS»
Andrei Ionin, Director of Analytics, NP «GLONASS»

«Using Navigation Technologies in the Process of Organizing Insurance Settlement in the Framework of «European Protocol»
Evgeny Ufimtsev, Executive Officer of Russian Union of Auto Insurers

«Opportunities of Using the «ERA-GLONASS» Infrastructure for the Development of Insurance Telematic Services»
Timur Kuzeev, Deputy CEO on Insurance Telematics, Meta Systems

«ITIS» KAMAZ - Integration with «ERA-GLONASS» and Development Perspectives»
Vitaliy Chernykh, Head of the Group on Special Projects, PJSC "KAMAZ";

«Satellite Technologies for Spreading Territorial Coverage and Application Areas of Monitoring Systems Based on RNS  GLONASS»
Alexander Lyakishev, Marketing Director, OJSC “RTComm.RU”

«Connected Car in Russia»
Grigoriy Sizov, M2M Area Manager, PJSC «VympelCom»

«Commercializing «ERA-GLONASS»: International Experience and Russian Realities»
Semyen Fokin, Director of the Automobile Directorate, Caesar Satellite

«Volvo OnCall – Current Opportunities and Further Integration with «ERA-GLONASS»
Pavel Vorobiev, Technical Support Manager, Volvo Cars LLC

«Mechanisms of Enhancing the Effectiveness of Providing Cloud Services Based on «ERA-GLONASS»
Alexander Sergeev, Vostok Project Director, En+ Group
13:10–13:30 Coffee Break
Plenary Session:
«Roles and Objectives of the State and Business in the Development and Introduction of New In-Car Navigation and Information Technologies» (V2X technologies, unmanned vehicles)

Mikhail Blinkin, Director of the Institute for Transport Economics and Transport Policy, High School of Economics
«Big Data Impact on the Telematics Market»
Alexei Volostnov, Director of Business Development in Russia, Frost & Sullivan

«HERE Maps Approach to Connected Driving»
Pavel Kozlov, Business Development Director, HERE Europe

«ERA-GLONASS» as a Subsystem of the Intelligent Transport System in Russia. Development Prospects by the Example of Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems»
Sultan Zhankaziev, Department Chairman, MADI

«Impact of the Transport Control Automation on Business and the State»
Vladislav Kudinov, CEO, VeeRoute

«Applying Navigation Technologies for the Issues of Managing Open-Pit Mining»
Dmitry Klebanov, Development Director, «VIST Mining Group LLC»
14:20-15:10 Lunch
Pitch Session, Contest Results:
«Searching for New Services Based on the «ERA-GLONASS» Infrastructure»

Final of the Contest of Potential Services Based on the ERA-GLONASS System Infrastructure

Maria Podlesnova, CEO, Rusbase
Andrei Ionin, Director of Analytics, NP «GLONASS»

Oleg Gribanov, CEO, Darenta
Timur Ismilyaev, Development Director, BaseRide
Pavel Osadchuk, Chief Executive Officer, Leecero
Evgeny Libermann, Chief Executive Officer, ParkApp
Pavel Rogozhin, Co-founder, MusicBox
16:20–16:40 Coffee Break
Session Meeting:
«Regulatory Provision of the «ERA-GLONASS» Operation and Development»
Vyacheslav Burmistrov, Deputy Director of the Department of Transport and Special Engineering

«About Legal and Regulatory Support to the Use and Development of the State Automated Information System «ERA-GLONASS». What's New?»
Ekaterina Kochergina, Vice-President for Legal Affairs, NP «GLONASS»

«About Developing Inter-State Standards for Emergency Service Call Devices/Systems»
Victor Gladkikh ,Director of Technical Regulation Service, NP «GLONASS»

«Developing the UN Rules for Equipping Vehicles with Emergency Service Call Devices»
Artyem Klimovsky, International Standardization Expert, NP «GLONASS»

«Certifying Emergency Service Systems. Goals, Objectives and Issues»
Irina Zhdankina , CEO, ANO "STs Svaz-Certificat"

«Experience in Certifying In-Car Emergency Service Call Devices/Systems. Evolution of the Certification Process»
Vladimir Makarenko, Development Director, Fort Telecom

«Testing Vehicles Equipped with ERA-GLONASS Devices/Systems»
ALexei Laguzin, Deputy Director for Science, NAMI Testing Center
18:00 Drink Reception

* - there can be changes in the agenda